How to check patches applied on oracle database? Patch history details



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Opatch is the commonly used oracle utility check the database patch details. These are the methods to check the patch details. opatch gives the details by checking the oracle inventory location. So database need not be up and running.
  1. opatch lsinventory
This command gives basic information about the patches applied on the database.
  1. opatch lsinventory –details
This command gives detailed information about the patches applied on the database
  1. Once you bring up the database, you can perform this query to check the applied patch details.
select * from sys.registry$history;
4.       Some Os commands also there to check the patch details
·         showrev –p
·         patchadd –p
Be sure to be the root user for this exercise
·         In some releases of RDBMS release 7.x, $ORACLE_HOME/bin/owhat can be used to verify if a certain oracle patch has been installed.  This is not the case for most of the 7.3, 8.x, 9.x and 10.x releases.

It is strongly recommended to use the standard utilities; custom or manual installation and removal methods run the risk of not properly cataloging patches on the system.


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