Troubleshoot & Fix ORA-19811: cannot have files in DB_RECOVERY_FILE_DEST with keep attributes

Here is one sample scenario for ORA-19811 error. I connected to target as / and tried to execute the change command. It is giving the ORA-19811 error. You should connect to recovery catalog database to execute the change command.
Also, you cannot use the KEEP for the backupset in Flash Back Recovery area (FRA). You need to copy the backupset outside of the FRA location and use the catalog backuppiece command whenever you wanted to restore it.

Change the RMAN Backup TAG Retention Policy Using Change Backup .. Keep Command

Connect to RMAN.
RMAN> list backup summary;
List of Backups

Oracle 10g 11g Syntax for Lock and Unlock a User Schema Account

To lock an Oracle user account: alter user username account lock;
To Unlock an Oracle User Account: alter user username account unlock;
alter user scott account lock;
user scott altered.
alter scott cep account unlock;
user scott altered.

Oracle 10g 11g Shared Database – DB Link – Features, Advantages and Disadvantages

Shared database link help you to limit the network connections between the local and remote servers. For a shared database link need 10 shared server processes in local database and also it requires upto 10 network connections to the remote server.

How to enable voice call in Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 R2 Windows 7 and XP

Add two new DWORD with
1. Valuename DisableAVConferencing and Value Data 0
2. Valuename DisablePC2PCVideo and Value Data 1


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