Data pump impdp has many options to transform the metadata during the import operation. Those are REMAP_DATAFILE, REMAP_SCHEMA, REMAP_TABLESPACE and the TRANSFORM.

How to Prepare awk Data Report? Example

I have a text file with following details. I wanted to create a simple report as formatted in the output. See a simple awk program to generate the report.

How to Check Which Child Directory is consuming More Space in Unix/Linux?

In many cases as a DBA or Unix admin you have to find out which directory is consuming more space. Probably in some directories consuming more space because of huge log files or some trace files.

Data Pump impdp remap_table Option to Change the Table Name During Import

This impdp parameter is used to rename the table during the import operation. These are the main activities can be performed by this parameter.
  1. Rename the one or more tables into the same schema during import

Using vi, awk, sed - erase / remove / cut Few First , Last Characters in all lines of Linux file

I have a text file called dat.txt and it having some generic text characters in the first and last of every line. I wanted to remove these charcters. See different options by using vi, awk, sed.

Count & Remove Repeating / Duplicate lines in Linux/Unix file

I have a file called dat.txt with few lines. I wanted to count and remove the duplicate lines.

$ cat dat.txt

vi, awk, sed - Substitute / Replace Few First , Last Characters in all lines of Linux file

I have a text file called dat.txt and it having some text data which is highly confidential. I wanted to replace some few characters with x to make it invalid. See different options with vi, awk, sed.

Implement Delay or Sleep in Oracle PL SQL Scripts Using DBMS_LOCK.SLEEP?

Oracle provides a DBMS_LOCK.Sleep procedure to suspend the session for given period of time. The argument for the procedure is time in seconds. Seconds can be in decimals also.

How to Copy File without Changing Last Modified Date, Time stamp and ownership in Linux / Unix?

cp command provides an option –p for copying the file without changing the mode, ownership and timestamps.

--preserve option gives you the provision to choose the options from

cp , ln Commands to Create soft Links for all Files in Linux / Unix Directory

You can create soft links in Linux using cp and ln commands. Both commands will create soft links with –s option.
$ pwd

How to Copy Only New / Modified / Changed Files in Unix / Linux?

There are two commands to perform this task – rsync and cp command with –u option. In both cases it will copy all the files in the initial run and only modified file in the subsequent run.

Truncate failed ORA-24005: Inappropriate utilities used to perform DDL on AQ table

Error Description:
Delete command on one table is working properly. But truncate command is failing with following error.

What is Data Pump Expdp SOURCE_EDITION and Impdp TARGET_EDITION Options? Examples

In Oracle 11gR2 you can create and keep different versions or editions of objects. The objects are limited to some set of objects which is not having the storage. You can see more details here with examples.Oracle Object Editions

How to Create Different Editions or Versions for Oracle Objects? Its Advantages

In oracle you can create different versions for the objects which are not requiring the storage. For example Table requires storage and View doesn’t require the storage. These are the types of the objects can be editionable.

Data Pump IMPDP failed: ORA-31655: no data or metadata objects selected for job and ORA-39154

Error Description:
I have a dump file which is taken from different database with DBA user. I am trying to import the same dump to different database with different user.  Data Pump import job failed with following error.

Oracle 11gR2 Impdp DATA_OPTIONS SKIP_CONSTRAINT_ERRORS: How to Skip Constraint Errors during Import?

DATA_OPTIONS parameter comes with impdp utility. By default this parameter is disabled during the import. You have to invoke it specifically to handle some special kind of data during the import operations.

RMAN Configure Backup Optimization ON / OFF : Features & Example

As the name indicates the feature is for optimizing the RMAN backups. When you turn on this backup optimization parameter, RMAN skips the backing up the files which has been already been backed up to the same device. The main benefit out of this is it will reduce the unwanted space usage.

Fix ORA-15097: cannot SHUTDOWN ASM instance with connected client (process %s)

Error Description:
ASM database instance shutdown failed with following error.
SQL> conn / as sysasm
SQL> shut immediate;

Fix Oracle 11g Database Block Corruption? - Recovery Using RMAN Backup ORA-01578: ORACLE data block corrupted

Error Description:
Oracle database aler.log file shows following error. RMAN logs also reported the same error.
ORA-01578: ORACLE data block corrupted (file # 6, block # 881945)
ORA-01110: data file 6: '/u01/app/oracle/data/DEVQA/datafile/mgmt.dbf'

Add or Insert a Heading Extra Line after Every nth Line of File in Unix / Linux

Here is my input data file and see the output as per the requirements below.
cat inp.txt
clark            2450
king             5000
miller           1300
smith             800

How to Open and Save UNIX / Linux man Pages to vi Editor File?

Suppose if you wanted to print the Unix man pages, it has to be copied to a single file. Normally man pages displays page by page. You can easily open the man pages in vi editor using combination following commands.

How to Create a Fixed Huge Size File in Unix / Linux Using dd Command?

dd if=/dev/zero of=dummyfile bs=26214400 count=1
1+0 records in
1+0 records out
26214400 bytes (26 MB) copied, 0.063799 seconds, 411 MB/s
$ ls -ltr

Why Oracle DBA_TEMP_FILES view Bytes Column is NULL: How to Drop, Shrink Offline / Online Temp File

Some Facts on Oracle Tempfiles:
If the database tempfile is in offline status then the bytes column of the dba_temp_files will be null. If the file system of the temporary file is having some problem then the corresponding tempfile status will move to offline

Oracle 11g Database Startup Failed: /dev/shm and ORA-00845: MEMORY_TARGET not supported on this system

Error Description:
I have modified or increased the value for the parameter MEMORY_TARGET and then Oracle 11g database startup failed with following error.

SQL> startup
ORA-00845: MEMORY_TARGET not supported on this system


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