How to Remove / Deinstall Oracle Grid Infrastructure / Clusterware Software from RAC Nodes on Linux

1.  Login as grid (clusterware owner)
2.  Go to software directory where the runInstaller located

3.  ./runInstaller -deinstall –home <GRID_HOME>
[grid@node110 grid]$ ./runInstaller -deinstall -home /u01/app/12.1.0/grid
Checking for required space in /tmp directory ...
Space check on /tmp directory passed
Bootstrapping the deinstall components

How to Remove / Deinstall Oracle Database Software from RAC Nodes on Linux?

      1.  Login as oracle
2    2. Go to software directory where the runInstaller located
      3. ./runInstaller -deinstall –home <ORACLE_HOME>

[oracle@node110 database]$ ./runInstaller -deinstall -home

wget Command: Download Oracle Software from

Step 1: Connect to the download page using your OTN credentials and accept the license agreement.
Step 2: Click on the software which you wanted to download. Example Linux x86-64 File1. This will start downloading the software to the local PC/laptop.

How to Install and Check Required rpms for Oracle 12c on Linux 7

Required packages list you can get it Here
Install Command:
yum install binutils \
compat-libcap1 \
gcc \
gcc-c++ \
glibc \

ARCHIVE_LAG_TARGET: Why So Many Archive Log Getting Generated Even Without Any Transaction in Oracle Database

One day I noticed one of my databases is generating lot of archive logs though it is an idle database. There is no transaction happening in this database for a long time. I came to know when I tried to clone the database to a different server. The recovery is taking so much of time with these archive logs. One thing I noticed is this archive logs are small in size. 


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