How to Find out / Identify the list of Schema / Users Available Inside a expdp data pump .dmp dumpfile

This is also another interesting question. Suppose if you get a dump from the source database and you are not aware of the users/schemas present in the dump. If you wanted to see the list of schemas/users present in the dump file, you can use this method to find out the same.
Step 1. Import the dump with sqlfile option.

How to Identify / Check / Find out Oracle .dmp dumpfile is Taken Using Exp / Expdp – Data Pump

It is a common question or doubt which arises when you get a dump file from the source database without knowing how it is exported. It might be taken using either conventional exp utility or data pump expdp. If you have the log file along with the dump file, it is very easy to identify the utility. You just need to tail the log file and you can identify as mentioned below.

Oracle 11gR2: Truncate Drop Storage Vs Drop All Storage Clauses

Drop Storage clause is to deallocate all space from the deleted rows from the table except the space allocated by the MINEXTENTS parameter in the table. This deallocated space will move to free space category and it can be used for the other objects in the tablespace. So in this drop storage clause there would be some space which is equal to the MINEXTENTS used for the table after the truncate command execution.

How to Pay Kerala Electricity Bill Online? Introduced New System from 23-April-2013

Kerala electricity board introduced a new system to pay the electricity bill online for the consumers in the state. You can see a scrolling flash in KSEB website about this. On top of KSEB website you can see a “PAY BILLS ONLINE” icon to initiate a payment. Or you can directly click on below mentioned link.

Unable Access Password Protected Spread Sheet / Document Google Drive On iPhone

I have installed Google Drive in my iPhone and it is working fine in my phone. As you aware it is running on cloud system and it is sync with my files personal laptop. I had an issue with Google Drive in my iPhone. I saved one password protected Excel and Word Document from laptop.

By Pass the User Password Using Grant Connect Through clause

In some cases we require the application or some specific user credential for testing purpose though if you have DBA privileged user. We will not be able to change the password for this application user on the fly because it will be hard corded or depended to the application. In such situations you can use this privilege grant connect through clause.

ORA-28150: proxy not authorized to connect as client

Error Description:
        User Connection fails with following error.
SQL> conn user2[user1]
Enter password:
ORA-28150: proxy not authorized to connect as client

How to Append Extra New Records to Table Using Oracle SQL loader?

Suppose if you have some records already inserted in the database table and you wanted to add few more records to the same table, in this case you will need this option to append the record. Most of the time, you will be not in a position to truncate the table and reinsert the data to the table because the available volume of the data in the table might be huge or it might have used or referenced for some other purpose.

What are the Advantages / Benefits / Features of Oracle SQL loader?

SQL* Loader is an Oracle utility to load the data from the flat file in to the Oracle database tables. Major backbone of the SQL Loader utility is the control file during the data load. This control file guides the SQL Loader utility in terms of which tables and columns should receive the data that you are loading. There is no similarity between database control file and SQL Loader control file.

What is CLRExtProc, PLSExtProc and extproc in Listener.ora? Why actual database SID is not mentioned in listener.ora by default?

It is a basic question which may come how the listener works without mentioning the actual database SID in the listener.ora. By default if you create a database using DBCA it will create a listener.ora file which is similar to the below one. If you have create the database name as ORCL which will not be there in the listener.ora and instead of that there you can see SID_NAME asCLRExtProc or PLSExtProc.

CAN FLASH to 111 Method to Disable / Stop / Turn off / Deactivate unwanted Vodafone Flash Messages

If you are using Vodafone, you might experience with the unwanted / money spoiling flash messages in your mobile. The message comes with accept and canceloptions. Most of the time the ACCEPT button comes with the side where you have chance to click. By mistake if you click the accept button you will lose the money.

How to install an application from iTunes to iPhone

If you have GPRS or 3G connection available on your iPhone it is easy to install an application from iTunes using the internet. But if you don’t have internet in the iPhone you can use iTunes application to download and the required application to the iPhone. Here I will describe the steps to install the application through the iTunes application with screenshots.

How to Hide / Disable / Remove DISQUS Discovery “ALSO ON” YOUR SITE feature?

Disqus discovery is an ad publishing program which will give you additional revenue as well as traffic to your website. It automatically comes after the comments section. “Also On Your site” is a automatic system to create back link to your site itself.

F4 Key to Repeat Last or Previous Action / Task in Microsoft Excel or Word 2007 and 2010?

When you work continuously in Microsoft office tools, it is better or easy if you can repeat the previous action / task in the spread sheet or document. Here are some examples like bold the different columns delete some rows or columns from the spread sheet,


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