Fix for Chrome: These Settings Are Enforced By Your Administrator. A 100% working solution

Problem Description:
In Chrome browser unable to change the proxy settings and the browsing is not working with Chrome. IE and Firefox browser working perfectly but chrome is not working. Chrome throws error saying unable to connect to the proxy. When I tried to change the proxy settings it says “These settings are enforced by your administrator”.

Fix ORA-15505: cannot start workload capture because instance 1 encountered errors

Error Description
Workload_caputre.start_capture failed with Fix ORA-15505: cannot start workload capture because instance 1 encountered errors

SQL> create directory WLDIR as '/export/prod_db/workload/’;

Directory Created

SQL> begin

Unix Linux Script to Attach and Embed the HTML File in Mail Body

export ATTACH="/home/sthomas/xyz.html"
export MAILPART=`uuidgen` ## Generates Unique ID
export MAILPART_BODY=`uuidgen` ## Generates Unique ID
export SUBJECT=”Attach And Embed HTML”

echo "To: $MAILTO"
echo "Subject: $SUBJECT"
echo "MIME-Version: 1.0"

TNSPING and SQLPlus works but not Able to connect SQL Developer

Error description:

TNSPING and SQLPlus is working perfectly but when I try to connect through SQL developer it is giving error.

Solution description
You will have to set the tnsnames.ora location in the SQL developer configuration

Enable Auto Task Maintenance Jobs in Oracle Scheduler Window Manually

There are 3 auto task maintenance jobs in Oracle and they are listed below.
1.   auto optimizer stats collection
2.   auto space advisor
3.   sql tuning advisor

You can use below mentioned SQL to list the status of the jobs.
select client_name, status

Stop / Drop Scheduled / Running jobs in Oracle

You can use the DBMS_SCHEDULER package itself to stop or drop the job. There are two separate procedure(stop_job and drop_job) exists in the package.In some cases you will have to use the force option to stop the job.

SQL> SELECT job_name, state FROM DBA_SCHEDULER_JOBS where job_name like '%AT_OS_OPT%';

RMAN-08591: WARNING: invalid archived log deletion policy

Warning Description:

old RMAN configuration parameters:
new RMAN configuration parameters:
new RMAN configuration parameters are successfully stored
starting full resync of recovery catalog
full resync complete

Insert to Oracle View failed with ORA-01779: cannot modify a column which maps to a non key-preserved table

Error description:
ORA-01779 error is coming while inserting into view

Solution Description:
Views are two types in terms of update to the view-Updateable and non-updateable. When you try to insert to the non-updateable views you will get the error ORA-01779: cannot modify a column which maps to a non key-preserved table

Where/How to Check Alert Log File in Oracle 12c?

Prior versions as a DBA we used 
to check the alert logs in background_dump_dest directory. But in 11g onwards the alert log file location is changed to different location mentioned below. The second option is adrci which is the easiest way to access the alert log files for the databases which are running on the box.

Stop/Enable/Disable Oracle Auto Task Jobs Using SQL – Space advisor, Optimiser stats collection, SQL tuning advisor

Oracle 11g onwards there are three different automatic maintenance tasks:
1.   Automatic Optimizer Stats Collection - Gathers the statistics for all schema objects and the respective database task is called ‘auto optimizer stats collection’
2.   Automatic Segment Advisor – This identifies the segments that could be the candidates for the reorganization to save the space and respective database task is called ‘Space advisor’

Oracle 12c Data Pump: EXPDP IMPDP VIEWS_AS_TABLES Option

Oracle 12c release 1 onwards we can export the view(s) into export dumps and while importing it can be imported as table with the structure of the view with base table data.
Syntax: VIEWS_AS_TABLES=[schema_name.] view_name [:table_name],

How to Check/Verify the ADDM is enabled in Oracle Database?

The Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitoring is enabled by default in Oracle database and it is determined by the initialization parameter called STATISTICS_LEVEL. There are 3 values allowed for this parameter – BASIC, ALL and TYPICAL. If the value for the parameter is set as TYPICAL or ALL then the ADDM is enabled for your database. If you set the value to BASIC many of the oracle features will get disabled including ADDM and it is strongly discouraged.

How to Sync Applications in iPhone with iTunes 12 (

In iTunes the sync options is little bit confusing. I tried hard to find out this option. The otpion name shown in the iTunes 12 is confusing. The option check box shows “Automatically install new apps”. Here is the steps to sync the apps with iTunes 12.

How to Check Bank Account, Aadhaar Linking Status with HP Gas Online

Generally we submit the documents to the HP gas agency for linking the bank account and Aadhaar. But it takes couple of days to update the gas account with the bank account etc. You can verify the details online with following steps. It is very easy to check the HP gas and bank link status.

How to Remove Duplicate lines from Unix vi Editor file

Sometimes we have the requirement for removing the duplicate lines from the text file. For that we can easily use vi to remove the duplicate lines instead of using any other scripts or tools. Here are the options to remove the duplicate lines from the vi file.


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