Difference Between Oracle Join and Union


·        Joins are used to join two or more tables to extract the data

·        Joins are used to retrieve the relational based data from the tables

·        Joins mainly used to filter the records from the multiple tables

·        Joins can be used to retrieve the matching and non-matching data

Change / Modify / update AdSense Publisher Bank Account for EFT Wire Transfer

Google AdSense introduced EFT / wire transfer for the Indian publishers. You can upgrade your payment mode to the new system with the following steps. Suppose if you have already updated the bank account once and if you wanted to change it to some other account also you can refer this following steps.
Follow these steps to change your publisher bank account details to new one.

IMPDP Import Only the Rows Does not exist in the Target Table

This is a question or requirement which I got from one of my blog reader. “How to import only the rows does not present in the targeted table?”. The rows present in the table should not be deleted and import only rows which does not exist in the database target table. This can be achieved by using the combination of table_exists_action and query options.

Here I have given an example with normal import and with data pump API import.

a.   Normal import method.

EXPDP Filesize : Split or Slice the Dump file into Multiple / Different Directories and File Systems

Suppose if your database size is big or the size targeted data for the export is too high, you cannot accommodate the dump file in single file. Sometimes the OS will not allow you to create such big files.

Oracle Sequence Cycle vs Nocycle Difference and Comparison

The cycle option repeats the same set of sequence values once it reaches the max value. The next value will be reset to minimum value once it reaches the max value. The cycle option will end up with error if you are using this sequence for the primary key values as it won’t allow the duplicates. 

Show Error Returns with No errors: How to find out PLSQL Compilation Errors?

Error Description

The PLSQL object created with compilation error. But SQLPLUS show error returns ‘No errors.’

SQL> create force view VW_Force_Invalid

    as select * from bonus;

Warning: View created with compilation errors.

SQL> show error

No errors.

How to find out the Size of the Oracle Database (Any Versions 10g, 11g)

Col DBFSizeGB for 99999.99

Col TMPFSizeGB for 99999.99

Col LOGFSizeMB for 99999.99

Col CTRLSizeGB for 99999.99

Col TotalSIzeGB for 99999.99


select DBFSizeGB, TMPFSizeGB, LOGFSizeMb, CTRLSizeMB, DBFSizeGB+TMPFSizeGB+LOGFSizeMb/1024+CTRLSizeMB/1024 TotalSIzeGB

Oracle pfile vs spfile: Difference and Comparison

Pfile/Init file

1.   It is used for database startup

2.   It is also called INIT file

3.   It is a text file which contains all the main parameters for the database startup

4.   This can be edited using notepad or Vi editor


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