This parameter is used to identify the tracefile easily from the directory. When you specify or set this parameter with a value that value becomes the part of the trace file name. So that easily can be identified from the directory. This is a session modifiable parameter and each time when you modify the parameter value the name of the very immediate trace file will get effect of the same.  

Putty Configuration Error: There is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk into drive

Error Description:

After putting/accessing a DVD in the drive, while opening the putty.exe it is giving the following error message.

PuTTY Configuration: There is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk into drive D:.

Data Pump Expdp ESTIMATE_ONLY Parameter

This parameter is useful when you wanted get the approximate size of the dump file. Suppose you have only limited space available in the disk and if you wanted to check whether your dump will be fit into the available space then you can use this parameter to check or estimate the size of the dump with doing the actual export. Some facts are here about estimate_only parameter.

Oracle SQL to Check the Database / Instance Name to Which the Current Session Is Connected using a Non DBA user

There are couple of options to find out the database name for the current session. If you are a DBA a privileged user/session you can query any data dictionary views. But it is not the same case for non-dba user session.

Here are the options.

Data Pump Expdp Impdp Metrics=Y Undocumented Parameter

This is an undocumented parameter for the data pump. The Matrics=y option will log the list of objects exported or imported in each category and the time taken for each category objects. All the details will be logged in the logfile. See an example below.

$ expdp dumpfile=tab_exp.dmp logfile=tab_exp.log schemas=sthomas metrics=Y directory=exp_dir

Invoke Data Pump EXPDP IMPDP export / import Using SQL Developer

Using SQL Developer 4, you can initiate the data pump export or import job. It has export wizard under the menu view -> DBA. Using this you don’t need to aware about the data pump options to invoke a data pump job. All those data pump options can be invoked through the wizard. Here I will show you an example for one export job.

Data Pump Impdp show=y Replaced with SQLFILE Option

Most of the legacy mode options will work in the data pump with its corresponding options. In legacy mode (imp utility) we have show=y option to spool the content of the dump file into sql scripts without doing the actual import. The same command can be used in data pump impdp also but it will get replaced with sqlfile option.

See one example below.

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