How to Remove / Deinstall Oracle Grid Infrastructure / Clusterware Software from RAC Nodes on Linux

1.  Login as grid (clusterware owner)
2.  Go to software directory where the runInstaller located

3.  ./runInstaller -deinstall –home <GRID_HOME>
[grid@node110 grid]$ ./runInstaller -deinstall -home /u01/app/12.1.0/grid
Checking for required space in /tmp directory ...
Space check on /tmp directory passed
Bootstrapping the deinstall components

How to Remove / Deinstall Oracle Database Software from RAC Nodes on Linux?

      1.  Login as oracle
2    2. Go to software directory where the runInstaller located
      3. ./runInstaller -deinstall –home <ORACLE_HOME>

[oracle@node110 database]$ ./runInstaller -deinstall -home

wget Command: Download Oracle Software from

Step 1: Connect to the download page using your OTN credentials and accept the license agreement.
Step 2: Click on the software which you wanted to download. Example Linux x86-64 File1. This will start downloading the software to the local PC/laptop.

How to Install and Check Required rpms for Oracle 12c on Linux 7

Required packages list you can get it Here
Install Command:
yum install binutils \
compat-libcap1 \
gcc \
gcc-c++ \
glibc \

ARCHIVE_LAG_TARGET: Why So Many Archive Log Getting Generated Even Without Any Transaction in Oracle Database

One day I noticed one of my databases is generating lot of archive logs though it is an idle database. There is no transaction happening in this database for a long time. I came to know when I tried to clone the database to a different server. The recovery is taking so much of time with these archive logs. One thing I noticed is this archive logs are small in size. 

How to Check Oracle 11g 12c Database Wallet is Open or Not? v$encryption_wallet

If Oracle wallet is enabled in your oracle database and if you forget to enable the wallet after opening the database you will get following error.
ORA-28365: wallet is not open
In case if you try to access RMAN backup you will get following error message
ORA-19913: unable to decrypt backup
ORA-28365: wallet is not open
There is one data dictionary view v$encryption_wallet for the same to check. 

Oracle: SQL Query to Find out Index Name, Column Name for Table

It is common requirement for a developer or DBA to find out the index name, column name for the table. Sometimes the index would be composite index. So in that case we have to find out that also like how many columns associated with the index and their order. There are 2 data dictionary views for the same. DBA_INDEXES and DBA_IND_COLUMNS. DBA_INDEXES gives just index names associated with the table and DBA_IND_COLUMNS gives the associated columns and their order.

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