How to Backup and Recovery Using Backup as Oracle RMAN Image Copy

RMAN image copy backup will take more space than the normal RMAN backup as it takes the entire datafile file as backups. But some situations we can use this method to backup and restore the database. Here is the method and RMAN command syntax for the same.
1.   Backup the database

Query to Find Out The Total File Size And Data Occupied Size Of Oracle Database

1. Here is the query to find out the total file size of a Oracle database

( select sum(bytes)/1024/1024/1024 DF_size from dba_data_files ) +
( select nvl(sum(bytes),0)/1024/1024/1024 TF_size from dba_temp_files ) +
( select sum(bytes)/1024/1024/1024 RLF_size from sys.v_$log ) +

Sql Query to Get Hostname, IP Address and Terminal from Oracle Database

If your user doesn't have DBA privilege then you can use SYS_CONTEXT function to get the hostname and IP address.

Option a. sys_context
('USERENV', 'SERVER_HOST') from dual;


Stop / Disable automatic ads web page opening in Chrome / IE browsers ( ,

In last few days I have been facing a problem in my browsers like automatically some WebPages are opening without asking anything. It is quite disturbing during the serious browsing and it is slow down my system performance also. The websites are like, etc. sometime it opens the corner popup in the web pages.

How to Increase, Decrease or Resize FRA(Flash Recovery Area) in Oracle Database?

Above two links will help you to configure and check the usage of the Flash Recovery Area (FRA) in Oracle. Now here is the method to resize the FRA in oracle database.
You can use below mentioned commands to see the already allocated space for the FRA.

Oracle SQL Script to Get Daily Thread Wise Archive Log Generation Report


SELECT TRUNC(completion_time)  "Generation Date" , thread#,count(*)
FROM gv$archived_log
GROUP BY TRUNC(completion_time),thread#
ORDER BY TRUNC(completion_time)

Kerala PSC Thulasi: New Declaration is required. You are not eligible to apply for this post

Nowadays when we apply for a Kerala PSC post using Thulasi website, we are getting a message saying “You are not eligible to apply for the Post”. Reason for the rejection is “New declaration is required.”

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