How to Check/Verify the ADDM is enabled in Oracle Database?

The Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitoring is enabled by default in Oracle database and it is determined by the initialization parameter called STATISTICS_LEVEL. There are 3 values allowed for this parameter – BASIC, ALL and TYPICAL. If the value for the parameter is set as TYPICAL or ALL then the ADDM is enabled for your database. If you set the value to BASIC many of the oracle features will get disabled including ADDM and it is strongly discouraged.

How to Sync Applications in iPhone with iTunes 12 (

In iTunes the sync options is little bit confusing. I tried hard to find out this option. The otpion name shown in the iTunes 12 is confusing. The option check box shows “Automatically install new apps”. Here is the steps to sync the apps with iTunes 12.

How to Check Bank Account, Aadhaar Linking Status with HP Gas Online

Generally we submit the documents to the HP gas agency for linking the bank account and Aadhaar. But it takes couple of days to update the gas account with the bank account etc. You can verify the details online with following steps. It is very easy to check the HP gas and bank link status.

How to Remove Duplicate lines from Unix vi Editor file

Sometimes we have the requirement for removing the duplicate lines from the text file. For that we can easily use vi to remove the duplicate lines instead of using any other scripts or tools. Here are the options to remove the duplicate lines from the vi file.

How to Copy Only Contacts, Notes and Messages from iTunes after iPhone Factory Restore?

Recently I had a requirement to restore the phone to the factory default and copy only Contacts, Notes and Messages because of the LowMemory issues with my phone. I have faced lot of issues after the iOs 7 upgrade and LowMemory issue was one the one of the major one. It used to crash at least one or twice because of the low memory issue and it used to log in diagnostic report. (Settings->General->About->Diagnostics&Usage->Diagnostics & Usage Data). To fix that issue I restored the phone to the factory default and restored only contact, message and notes.

Fix: iPhone Old Messages are not Indexing in the Spotlight search after the iOS 7 Upgrade

I have done the iOS 7.1.2 upgrade in my iPhone 4 recently. My iPhone was pretty stable with the iOS 6.0.1. Due to some mandatory requirement for the OS upgrade I have performed the iOS 7 upgrade. After upgrading my iPhone 4 to iOS 7, I feel there are lot of positives and negatives. The iOS 7 gives new look and feel to the phone but I lost my stability with the phone. Lot of performance issues started with the phone like it won’t respond to our touches as looks like the phone is quite busy. Sometimes the apps are getting crashes.

Database in READ WRITE Mode; desc dba_ gives error ;ORA-04043

Error Description:
The database was working perfectly and there was no major changes done in the database. Database is in Open mode (read write); But still the describe the data dictionary views like DBA_tables gives following error.
SQL> desc dba_tables
ORA-04043: object dba_tables does not exist
Solution Description


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