Expdp failed with ORA-39047 ORA-39047: Jobs of type TRANSPORTABLE cannot use multiple execution streams

Error Description:
Data Pump export (expdp) with transport_tablespace failed with following error.
date;expdp dumpfile=TTS.dmp%u logfile=TTS.log directory=TTS transport_tablespaces=USERS PARALLEL 16;date
Fri Jul 21 05:00:39 CUT 2017

How to Copy and Multiplex Oracle OCR into Different Disk Group

[root@]# ocrcheck
Status of Oracle Cluster Registry is as follows :
         Version                  :          4
         Total space (kbytes)     :     409568
         Used space (kbytes)      :       1712
         Available space (kbytes) :     407856

Check/Find Location and Status of Oracle OCR and VOTEDISK

What is OCR and Voting disk:
The voting disk is a file that manages information about node membership, and the OCR is a file that manages cluster and Oracle RAC database configuration information. The Oracle Clusterware installation process creates the voting diskand the OCR on shared storage.

PROC-50 PROT-30: The Oracle Cluster Registry location to be added is not usable

Error Description
Oracleasm listdisks shows the disk but Ocrconfig -add command failed with following error message.
[root@]# ocrconfig -add +DATA
PROT-30: The Oracle Cluster Registry location to be added is not usable
PROC-50: The Oracle Cluster Registry location to be added is inaccessible on nodes Node203.

Settings to Run SQLPLUS from Other or Non-Oracle User

Add a new unix user as readuser
[root@Test]# useradd readuser
[root@Test]# passwd readuser
Changing password for user readuser.
New password:
Retype new password:
passwd: all authentication tokens updated successfully.
[root@Test]# exit

Steps to Remove / Deinstall Oracle OEM, OMS from Unix Server

You have to use OUI with deinstall option to remove the components installed by the OEM or OMS. See the steps below.

Step 1: Go to em12c installation directory and invoke the runInstaller with deinstall option.

Oracle Sql Query to Find Out Number Of Weeks Between Two Dates

select  abs(to_number(to_char(to_date('&FromDT_dd_mon_yyyy','dd-mon-yyyy'), 'WW'))
  2* - to_number(to_char(to_date('&ToDT_dd_mon_yyyy','dd-mon-yyyy'),'WW')) ) "Number of weeks" from dual

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