RMAN Archive Log Backup Script

This script backs up all archived redo log files generated since the last backup. The BACKUP ARCHIVELOG ALL command ensures that all archived logs are included in the backup.

RMAN Script For Incremental Backup

An incremental backup captures only the changes made since the last backup, reducing the backup size and optimizing restore time. It helps in efficiently backing up large databases while providing the ability to restore to a specific point in time.

RMAN script for performing a full database backup

This script performs a full database backup, including data files, control files, and archived logs. It uses a single channel (ch1) for backup and stores the backup as compressed backup sets. The PLUS ARCHIVELOG clause ensures that the archived logs are also included in the backup.

Script to Find Active Sessions in an Oracle Database

This script retrieves information about active sessions in the Oracle database. It selects session ID, session serial number, username, operating system username, machine name, program name, session status, session logon time, and the number of seconds since the last call.

Script to Identify and Resolve Blocking Sessions in Oracle Databases

Description: This article focuses on understanding and addressing blocking sessions in Oracle databases. We explore the impact of blocking sessions on database performance and discuss techniques for identifying and resolving these issues. By analyzing blocking session details, including blocking session ID, session ID, serial number, username, SQL ID, and the event causing the blocking, DBAs can effectively manage and mitigate blocking scenarios.

Script: Efficient Session Monitoring Techniques for Oracle DBAs

Description: This article focuses on the importance of session monitoring in Oracle databases and provides insights into active sessions and their activities. We discuss the significance of identifying and managing active sessions, understanding session-related details such as session ID, username, program, status, and SQL ID, and demonstrate how this information can be used to optimize database performance.

Script: Effective Tablespace Usage Monitoring for Oracle DBAs


In this article, we explore the importance of monitoring tablespace usage in Oracle databases and provide a comprehensive script to track the total size, used space, and percentage of space utilized for each tablespace. We delve into the significance of efficient tablespace management and how monitoring can help prevent potential space-related issues.

Nokia G42 5G and Nokia G310 5G: Exciting New Smartphones Set to Debut with Enhanced Connectivity


Nokia, a renowned call inside the global of cellular generation, is gearing up to launch two surprisingly predicted smartphones – Nokia G42 5G and Nokia G310 5G. These devices promise to provide an greater cell revel in with their magnificent specifications and advanced connectivity features. In this newsletter, we can delve into the info of these upcoming Nokia smartphones and explore what they've in shop for tech enthusiasts.

Genshin Impact 3.8 Livestream: Exciting Updates and Codes Revealed


Genshin Impact, the famous movement function-gambling sport developed via miHoYo, keeps to captivate players with its immersive open-global and engaging gameplay. The noticeably predicted three.8 Livestream occasion is just around the nook, and lovers are buzzing with excitement. In this text, we are able to discover the contemporary updates and codes revealed for the duration of the Genshin Impact three.Eight Livestream.

MLB The Show 23 Update 10: Patch Notes and Exciting Changes


MLB The Show 23, the state-of-the-art installment in the cherished baseball online game series, has acquired its pretty anticipated Update 10. This replace brings quite a number interesting adjustments, upgrades, and new capabilities to enhance the gameplay enjoy for fanatics. In this article, we are able to delve into the precise patch notes and discover the excellent additions that players can look ahead to.

Can I download Microsoft Bing Read Aloud Audio to MP3 Format?

Microsoft Bing Read Aloud is a function presented by way of the Bing seek engine that allows customers to concentrate to the spoken content of net pages. It makes use of textual content-to-speech generation to transform written text into spoken phrases, allowing users to pay attention the content material rather than reading it manually.

Google Pixel Feature Drop Brings Exciting Enhancements and New Functionality


Google has currently launched its cutting-edge function drop for Pixel devices, bringing a variety of interesting upgrades and new capability to the famous smartphone lineup. This function drop introduces updates to diverse aspects of the Pixel enjoy, inclusive of digicam enhancements, machine updates,

Apple Enhances Podcast Discovery with New Subcategories and Search Functionality


Apple has recently introduced upgrades to its podcast platform, aiming to decorate the podcast discovery experience for customers. These improvements include the addition of 9 new subcategories and upgraded seek capability. In this article, we are able to explore the significance of these enhancements and the way they contribute to a greater customized and immersive podcast listening experience.

Unraveling the Ancient Artistry: Neanderthal Finger Marks Found on Cave Walls

In a charming archaeological discovery, finger marks left by way of Neanderthals on cave walls were recognized as a number of the earliest recognized forms of Neanderthal art. These enigmatic markings offer a unique glimpse into the creative expressions of our ancient human relatives. In this article, we can delve into the significance of this discovery and discover the mysteries surrounding the origins and meanings of these prehistoric finger marks.

Hell Let Loose Update 1.019: What's New in the Latest Release

Hell Let Loose, the acute World War II multiplayer game, has currently received an exciting replace: model 1.019. This replace brings a number enhancements, additions, and malicious program fixes that beautify the gameplay revel in. In this text, we can explore the important thing functions and modifications delivered in Hell Let Loose Update 1.019.

Missing Titanic Submarine Operated by Video Game Controller: The Rise of Gaming Technology in Military Operations


In a shocking improvement, it has come to light that the lacking Titanic submarine, which captured global interest, become operated the usage of a video game controller. This revelation highlights the growing trend of army corporations incorporating gaming era into their operations. In this text, we discover the captivating intersection of video game controllers and navy device, shedding light on the benefits, demanding situations, and implications of this rising fashion.

Rogue Company Patch Notes 2.25 Update: Exciting New Features and Improvements


Rogue Company, the famous group-primarily based tactical shooter, has recently rolled out the notably predicted Patch Notes 2.25 replace. Packed with new functions, gameplay improvements, bug fixes, and stability changes, this replace brings fresh excitement to the Rogue Company network. In this newsletter, we delve into the info of the two.25 update, highlighting the key additions that players can sit up for experiencing.

Nikon Unveils Two Exciting New Lenses: Introducing the Nikkor Z 180-600mm and More


Nikon, a renowned name in the global of images, has recently introduced distinctly expected lenses which are set to raise the competencies of professional photographers and enthusiasts alike. This article delves into the exciting features and functionalities of the newly unveiled lenses, particularly the Nikkor Z a hundred and eighty-600mm and another undisclosed lens, dropping mild on their potential to supply outstanding photograph best and enlarge the creative horizons of photographers.

NoiseFit Crew Pro Smartwatch: A Feature-Packed Wearable for an Active Lifestyle

In the ever-evolving global of wearable era, the NoiseFit Crew Pro Smartwatch has emerged as a feature-packed tool catering to the needs of fitness fanatics and tech-savvy people. This article offers an in-depth exploration of the NoiseFit Crew Pro, highlighting its extraordinary features, aggressive pricing, and its capability to enhance the consumer revel in.

Unveiling a Year-Long Cyber Attack: Insights into RDStealer Malware and RDP Brute-Force Attacks


In a current discovery, cybersecurity professionals have uncovered a sophisticated 12 months-long cyber attack campaign that exploits Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) vulnerabilities. This article delves into the info of the assault, focusing on the RDStealer malware and the alarming rise in brute-force attacks targeting RDP honeypots.

The Rise of Generative AI in Journalism: Transforming the News Landscape


As the virtual age unfolds, the integration of synthetic intelligence (AI) in journalism is revolutionizing the way news is produced, fed on, and dispensed. This complete article delves into the growing trend of newsrooms embracing generative AI and explores its multifaceted impacts on journalism. From enhancing news production to addressing moral concerns, we have a look at the opportunities and demanding situations that AI gives to the future of journalism.

Aatmaj Healthcare IPO and the Buzz in the Primary Market: Key Details and Subscription Status


The number one marketplace is abuzz with the upcoming IPO of Aatmaj Healthcare, a distinguished player within the healthcare sector. This article provides an in-intensity evaluation of the Aatmaj Healthcare IPO, which include key info, subscription reputation, and insights into the current SME IPO landscape. Investors and marketplace lovers can advantage valuable data to make knowledgeable selections in this dynamic marketplace environment.

From Gaming to Deep-Sea Exploration: The Surprising Role of Video Game Controllers in Submarines


Video sport controllers are no longer confined to gaming consoles. In a fascinating development, it's been found out that a missing submarine, the Titanic Submersible, is operated the usage of a online game controller. This article explores the unconventional use of online game controllers in submarines, the rising trend within the army's adoption of gaming technology, and the latest surge in demand for a particular controller because of its affiliation with the Titanic Submersible.

Meta's Potential Rivalry with Twitter: A Closer Look at Mark Zuckerberg's Strategy


The tech industry is abuzz with hypothesis approximately Meta's ability rivalry with Twitter, fueled with the aid of latest feedback made by using Mark Zuckerberg. This article delves into the information surrounding Meta's response to Twitter, explores Zuckerberg's stance at the opposition, and examines what we realize about the rumored platform that might doubtlessly project Twitter's dominance in the social media landscape.

BepiColombo's Third Mercury Flyby: A Captivating Journey through the Inner Solar System


The BepiColombo undertaking has another time mesmerized area lovers with its third flyby of Mercury, bringing us towards unraveling the mysteries of the planet closest to the Sun. This article dives into the details of BepiColombo's latest flyby, showcasing beautiful pics captured throughout the come upon and shedding mild at the importance of this assignment for planetary exploration.

Xiaomi Pad 6: A Feature-Rich Tablet at an Affordable Price


Xiaomi Pad 6 has taken the pill marketplace by typhoon with its extraordinary features, competitive pricing, and a host of bundled gives. This article delves into the details of Xiaomi Pad 6's release, rate in India, key specs, and explores options for the ones searching for a effective pill inside a budget.

Unlocking the Potential of Progressive Web Applications (PWAs): Boost Performance and Decision Making


Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) have revolutionized the digital landscape with the aid of combining the first-class capabilities of web and cellular packages. Their capacity to deliver a continuing consumer experience across different devices and systems has made them increasingly popular among groups and users alike. In this article, we will discover the sector of PWAs, specializing in their market research, overall performance optimization, and the pivotal role of service people in maximizing their capacity.

Shiny Sunkern in Pokémon GO: Unlocking Its Potential


Pokémon GO maintains to captivate running shoes international with its ever-increasing roster of Pokémon and exciting gameplay features. One such detail that continues players engaged is the quest for oily Pokémon. In this newsletter, we are able to delve into the opportunity of encountering a sparkly Sunkern in Pokémon GO, exploring its rarity, evolution, and strategies to growth your probabilities of acquiring this coveted version.

Supercharge Your Workflow with Google Keep: Tips and Tricks


In brand new speedy-paced digital world, staying organized and optimizing productiveness is important. Google Keep, a flexible note-taking and project control app, gives a number of capabilities and strategies to streamline your workflow. In this publish, we are able to discover a few effective techniques to supercharge your productivity the use of Google Keep.

Unveiling the Latest Tablet Offerings: Redmi Pad 2, Realme Pad 2, and Alleged Xiaomi Pad 6 Pro


The pill market maintains to adapt, with new gadgets and features being added to cater to the diverse wishes of clients. In this article, we discover the modern-day tablet offerings,
consisting of the Redmi Pad 2, Realme Pad 2, and the alleged Xiaomi Pad 6 Pro. From rate variety and specifications to rumored features, we provide an outline of those thrilling new additions to the tablet panorama.

The Perfect Yoga Companion: How the Apple Watch Enhances the Yoga Experience


Yoga enthusiasts are always in search of gear and generation that can enhance their exercise and assist them acquire their wellbeing desires. In recent years, the Apple Watch has emerged as a popular choice amongst yoga fanatics because of its range of functions and abilties. In this newsletter, we discover why the Apple Watch is a excellent pairing for all yoga lovers and how it provides fee to their yoga adventure.

Exploring Business Strategies and Growth Prospects in the Yoga Clothing Market


The yoga apparel marketplace has witnessed great growth in current years, driven with the aid of the increasing recognition of yoga as a shape of bodily and intellectual well-being.
Major players in the industry have adopted numerous enterprise techniques to seize marketplace share and cater to the evolving desires of yoga enthusiasts. This put up delves into the commercial enterprise techniques hired via key gamers within the marketplace and explores the growth possibilities of the worldwide yoga garb industry.

Tesla Semi Production Challenges: Addressing Recall Notice and the Future of Electric Trucks

🚛 Tesla Semi Production Faces Challenges: Recall Notice Raises Concerns

Recent traits in Tesla's Semi manufacturing have raised issues about the development of the electrical truck. According to a report through Fortune, a take into account observe has been issued for a few Tesla Semis,
indicating ability challenges inside the production procedure. The recall is expected to impact a tremendous range of motors, suggesting that manufacturing may nonetheless be dealing with hurdles.


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