SQL Query to Find Out the Locked Objects and Type of Lock

Here is the query to find the locked object, mode of locks etc. 

Providing 2 different queries. 

SQL Query

Script to Get the Most CPU Consuming Sessions from Oracle Database

SQL Script 

This SQL query gives you output of 10 most CPU consuming oracle sessions.

SQL Query to Find Out Hourly Redo Log Generation

This query will give you the hourly redo log generation for each day. 

SQL Query

Fix Dell Latitude Laptop Speaker Volume is Very low for zoom, skype etc

I got a new dell latitude laptop, and everything looks good. But when I use speaker for the zoom call the volume is very feeble. This is not happening with any other programs like video or YouTube. The headset is giving better output with the volume. 

Sql Query to Check Different Client Character Set, Client Version and Client Driver or Software Connected to The Database

In this post provides you queries to find out the different client connection details like character set, the client software or driver etc. with their count. 

Query to Get Hostname Instance Name and Startup Time for Oracle RAC Database

As a DBA if you are supporting multiple database environments, it is difficult to maintain the list of instance and database details. Using this query, you will be able to easily to fetch the details from the database. This query also give you the startup time for each instance. 

How to Check Active Transaction in Oracle Database – v_$transaction

V_$transaction table will give you the active transaction in the database. This dynamic view get recorded with the active transaction which is being executed or waiting for the resources in the database or operating system.


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