How to Run Expdp Impdp Jobs in Background

Step 1: Create export or import parameter file

$ cat exp.par








Without WWW Blogger Blogspot Domain is not Working- “Not Found 404”

Problem Description:

Blogger custom domain address is not working without www. It is giving “Not found 404” error code.

Solution Description:

Problem is quite critical with respect to a web site as the site will lose good amount of traffic because of this error. But the solution is simple just to make some settings change in the blogger which will fix this errorJ. Here is the solution.

How to Fix ORA-20005: object statistics are locked (stattype = ALL)

Problem Description:

Dbms_stats.gather_table_stats, analyze table command failed with following error.


BEGIN dbms_stats.gather_table_stats(ownname => 'SCOTT',tabname => ‘TRANSACTION_ID’, estimate_percent => DBMS_STATS.AUTO_SAMPLE_SIZE, cascade => TRUE,method_opt => ' FOR ALL COLUMNS SIZE AUTO', degree => 8); END;



Pay BESCOM Electricity Bill Online for Sarjapur Location

BESCOM has recently enabled many of the rural places into online payment. You can use website for the online payment which is very convenient. It is happening through Billdesk which is having a nominal service charge as mentioned below.  

Processing Fee for each transaction

How Can I Get vi Editor Commands History

Option 1:
        Open vim editor and press then (colon Key) :
        Use up and down arrows to see the previous command history.
Option 2:
        Open vi editor and press then :history
        This will list around 20+ commands in the screen.
Option 3
        Open the .viminfo file in the home directory which will give you the list of commands which got executed preiously.


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