Fix RMAN-04005 ORA-01031: insufficient privileges RMAN-00554 in Oracle 10g 11g RAC

Error Description: 
RMAN target database connectivity is failing with ORA-01031

$ rman catalog rman/rman@rmancat target rmanbkup/rmanbkup@prod3

Recovery Manager: Release - Production on Tue Nov 29 02:40:33 2011

Fix RMAN-20242: Specification Does Not Match Any Archive Log

Error Description:
RMAN> run
2> {
3>  backup as copy archivelog from sequence 700 until sequence 710 format '+RECO/%d/BACKUPS/PROD2_%t_%s_%r.arc';
4> }

Exadata Hybrid Columnar Compression – HCC : Comparison between Compress for Query High and Archive High

Here I am creating a test from all_objects view.  
SQL> create table object_list as select * from all_objects;

Table created.

Transfer Oracle ASM binary Files One File System to another File System Using DBMS_FILE_TRANSFER

There are 3 procedures with DBMS_FILE_TRANSFER package to help this file transfer from one ASM file system to another file system.
This procedure copies the file from source directory object to destination directory object.

HTML Code to Place Adsense Ads Side by Side, Left, Right, Center Aligned on Blogger Posts

It is more important that the placing of the Adsense ads in proper position of the blogger post to get more earning. This post will help you to place the ads side by side, left aligned and right aligned

How to Recover the Oracle 10g 11g Database from RMAN Cold Backup

Some facts on RMAN Cold Backup
  • RMAN cold backup is taken on database mount state
  • After RAMN cold backup Recovery database needs to be open with resetlogs option.

Fix ORA-09817: Write to audit file failed. SVR4 Error: 28: No space left on device

Error Descirption:
Sqlplus “/ as sysdba” failing with ORA-09817 error.
bash-3.00$ sqlplus "/ as sysdba"
SQL*Plus: Release - Production on Sun Jun 14 14:21:09 2009
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New Latest Method to Apply Ration Card Online Karnataka – Bangalore 19-Nov-11

From 19-Nov-11 onwards the people from Karnataka state can apply for the Ration cards online. You can submit the applications online through the website or you can avail the ‘online service’ at taluk office or offices of the judisdictional assistant director or duputy director of the department by paying a fee of Rs.10/-

Oracle 11gR2: Generate Number Series Using Select Command with array(x) as clause? UNDEF Command to Reset && variable

It is a new feature in Oracle 11gR2; you can generate number series in single select command. See some examples below.

How to generate multiplication table using Select Command?
Multiplication table for 4:

Fix RMAN-06004 RMAN-20001: target database not found in recovery catalog

Error Description: Most of the RMAN commands are getting failed with RMAN-20001 error message.
RMAN> list backup summary;


Add Datafile, Create tablespace to Oracle database runing on ASM or with Oracle-managed files? Fix ORA-01276

It is very simple to add a datafile or create a tablespace to a database which is running on ASM or with Oracle-managed files. You don’t need to worry about the next file name etc. You will get following error if you try to specify a file name while creation of tablespace or adding a datafile to existing tablespace.

How to Drop Datafile from Tablespace on Oracle 8i, 9i, 10g, 11g Database?

Upto Oracle 10gR1 the process of dropping a datafile is a tedious process. From 10gR2 Oracle introduced single command to drop a datafile from the tablespace.  Most of the situations in prior versions (10gR1 and below), DBAs used to reduce the size of the unwanted datafile to a smaller size and keep it with the tablespace itself because of the lengthy process.

Oracle 11g 10g RMAN Duplicate Database Command Using TAG: How to Clone a Database in same server / node

In this scenario our source database is prod9 and destination database Test9. i.e. Target is PROD9, Auxiliary (database to be cloned) is TEST9 and TAG is PROD_DB.
Please see the steps to perform the database cloning.

Fix RMAN Duplicate database failed ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [kck_rls_check must use (11,0,0,0,0) or lower], [kdt.c], [9576], []

Error Details:
RMAN Duplicate database command is failing with following errors.
RMAN-00571: ===================================================

Troubleshoot & Fix RMAN Duplicate database failed with ORA-12720 RMAN-06136

Error Details:
RMAN-00571: ===================================================
RMAN-00571: ===================================================

Troubleshoot & Fix RMAN Duplicate Database failed with RMAN-11003 & ORA-19906

Error Description:
RMAN-00571: ===================================================
RMAN-00571: ===================================================

Troubleshoot & Fix RMAN Duplicate database Failed RMAN-00600: internal error, arguments [8546] [1]

Error Details:
RMAN-00571: ===================================================
RMAN-00571: ===================================================


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