Oracle Sql Query to Find Out Number Of Weeks Between Two Dates

select  abs(to_number(to_char(to_date('&FromDT_dd_mon_yyyy','dd-mon-yyyy'), 'WW'))
  2* - to_number(to_char(to_date('&ToDT_dd_mon_yyyy','dd-mon-yyyy'),'WW')) ) "Number of weeks" from dual

Database Connection Using SQLPLUS Without tnsnames.ora from Command Line

Here is the method to connect to the oracle database using sqlplus without configuring the TNSNAMES from the OS prompt.
Syntax:  sqlplus username/password@Host_name:Listener_port/database_Service_name
Where you must know the username and password for the database.
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2 Ways to Run / Execute OS (Unix, Linux, Windows) Commands, Shell Script from SQLPLUS or SQL prompt

OS Commands Execution
You can use either ! or host keyword to execute OS commands or to run shell script from the sqlplus / sql prompt.

Here are some examples for OS command execution
SQL> !pwd

SQL> host pwd

Fix Oracleasm Deletedisk Command Failed with Unable to Clear Disk “Disk Name”

Error Description
Oracleasm deletedisk diskname failed with following error
# oracleasm deletedisk OCR_VOTE
Clearing disk header: failed
Unable to clear disk "OCR_VOTE"

Oracle 12c Data Redaction (Full, Partial, Random, Regular Expression) Implementation Examples

Let’s first create a sample test table 'TEST_DATA' under REDACT schema.
SQL> grant EXECUTE ON sys.dbms_redact TO REDACT;

Grant succeeded.

SQL> grant connect, resource to REDACT;

Grant succeeded.

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