How to Remove / Hide Post Counter from Blogger Archive Widget in New Interface

Generally there would be a number of post counter with blogger archive widget. If you don’t want to show the number of posts against each month/year you can use the following method to hide the counter.

How to Hide / Remove ‘Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom)‘ From the New Blogger Interface 2013

Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) is the link for subscribing the atom feeds from the blog posts. It generally comes under the each and every blog post. It is consumes some space under each and every post and it is not relevant for the blogs much. You can follow the below method to remove / hide this Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) link.

Shell Script to Execute Oracle Sql Script in Crontab for a Specified SID

For general shell script to execute SQL statements does not require the environment as those required parameter might be set already for the sessions. But when it comes to Crontab job, script will run independently from other sessions and it needs all the required parameter to be set inside the script.
What are the required parameters to run a SQL in a Crontab shell script?

How to Automate / Schedule Oracle Gather Table Statistics Job through Crontab?

Step 1: Create a shell script to accept a sql file and execute against a particular database. Make necessary changes to the ORACLE_SID, ORACLE_BASE, ORACLE_HOME parameters.

$ vi
export ORACLE_SID=transprd
export ORACLE_BASE=/u00/app/oracle
export ORACLE_HOME=/u00/app/oracle/product/

SQL Loader bad file vs Discard File: Difference and Examples

BAD File contains the records which are rejected either by SQL Loader or by the database because of the bad formatting or data type mismatch.
DISCARD file is to store the records that are neither inserted into table nor rejected as bad. This is an optional parameter with SQL Loader and by default name would be .dsc.

Oracle SQL Loader Bad file (.bad) Parameter Example

The BAD parameter specifies the name of bad file created by SQL*Loader to store the records that rejected during the insert process because of the data type mismatch or improper format. If the file name is not specified, by default the SQL*Loader will take the .bad as the file name. If you specify the bad file name with parameter bad then it will override the default file name. See some examples below.

Shell Script: 3 Methods to Find Out Nth Word in a String

Here is my test string - This is a temporary change to complete the export. I wanted to find out nth word from the string.  I have specified the nth word in red color below
$ mystring="This is a temporary change to complete the export"

Method 1 – awk – 4th word

Shell Script: Different Method to Find Out Number of Characters in a String

To count total number of characters in a string
Count total number of
$ mystring="This is my test string"
$ echo "${#mystring}"
$ expr length "$mystring"

Shell Script to Print Only First / Last Words in all Lines of a Text File

I have a text file and I wanted to print only first and last words of the file.
My sample input file is with following data
$ cat dat
01-JAN 2013 01    01 02 03 04 05 06
01-JAN 2013 02 07 08 09 10 11 12 13
01-JAN 2013 03 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

Data Guard / Standby: ORA-01156: recovery or flashback in progress may need access to files

Error Description:
In standby or Data guard the clear logfile group, drop logfile group commands are failing with following error.

ERROR at line 1:

How to see / Check the Step by Step Execution of a Shell Script for Debugging?

It is very important have the step by step execution feature for debugging for any kind of programming language. Using this feature you can see the variable values which are getting assigned during the script execution. In shell script you can use the –x option to see the step by step execution. See an example here.

I have a sample program here.

How to Set / Unset Default Value for Command Line Arguments For a shell script?

While doing shell scripting you will use command line arguments to pass the values to the program. The program has to verify the value of the command line arguments whether it is having proper values assigned before further execution. Otherwise you can assign a default value for the parameter or argument if applicable.

Shell Script to Repeat the Execution of Command / Job Based on Time Interval Periodically

Suppose if you are copying some huge files from server to another server and you wanted to see the progress in size, number you can use these scripts. These scripts will run periodically according to the sleep commands.

Using yes Command

Data guard / Stand by: What are the Steps to Move Datafiles / Logfiles to Different Location?

Primary database Steps
1.   Confirm your primary database instance where you wanted to perform the activity
SQL> select name from v$database;

Data Guard / Standby: ORA-01624: log %s needed for crash recovery of instance %s (thread %s)

Error Description:
Drop redo log group in data guard database is giving following error.
SQL> alter database drop logfile group 1;
alter database drop logfile group 1
ERROR at line 1:
ORA-01624: log 1 needed for crash recovery of instance TRANPRD_STANDBY (thread 1)
ORA-00312: online log 1 thread 1:

Fix DGMGRL: Warning: ORA-16826: apply service state is inconsistent with the DelayMins property

Error Description:
Show configuration command shows following warning in DGMGRL.
DGMGRL> show configuration
Configuration - PRDCONFIG
  Protection Mode: MaxAvailability


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