digitizeindia.gov.in: What is the Reward Point Conversion rate / Value in Rupee or Paise?



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Digitizeindia.gov.in is the one of the trustworthy Indian government website for the online money making through data entry. But one of the major concern which I face is the slowness of the website. Most of the time the website is utter slow to load the snippets. Your patience is important for this activity at least for these initial days J.

Let’s discuss about the rewards points conversion rate to rupee. The updation of  reward points for your work will take hours or days under your account in the website. Sometime you may think that your work went on vain. But the fact is everything is getting recorded and updated.

You can redeem your reward points once it touches the 2500 mark. The sum of 2500 point is equivalent to Rs. 50/-. 2 paisa for each reward point.

But you should validate the adhaar is linked with your back before redeem the reward points. 


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