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The Eucharistic Miracles of the World
Digitizeindia.gov.in is the one of the trustworthy Indian government website for the online money making through data entry. It works based on the online data entry work. The snippets are the scanned documents from the different government organizations. Most of the time you will get enough snippets for the data entry. But at least some days or during particular time you may face the following pop up with message “Snippets have exhausted. Please try again later”

This is because of the unavailability of the scanned snippets during that particular time frame. You cannot fix this issue yourself. You should wait for the snippets. You can keep try to access your work area by closing and reopening. Probably you can try different timings.
If you are not at all getting any snippet you should contact the support mail id for the solution.
Here is the message from the website

Snippet Availability

Snippet are regularly made available, incase you are unable to get any work, please write to support.dip@gov.in


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