Oracle 11gR2 Installation Prerequisite Checks Failed on Windows XP



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Error Description:
Oracle 11gR2 Installation failed at prerequisite check stage with following error message.

This is a prerequisite condition to test whether the system has at least 922MB (944128.0KB) of total physical memory. (more details)
Expected Value       : n/a
Actual Value            : n/a

Solution Description:
This error can be ignored by checking the “ignore all” check box. But you should make sure your system meet the oracle installation requirements.  Here are the system requirement details for the Oracle 11gR2 installation from Oracle.

System Architecture
Processor: Intel (x86), AMD64, and Intel EM64T
Note: Oracle provides 32-bit (Windows x86) and 64-bit (Windows x64) versions of Oracle Database for Microsoft Windows.
Physical memory (RAM)
1 GB minimum
Virtual memory
Double the amount of RAM
Disk space
Typical Install Type total: 5.35 GB
Advanced Install Types total: 4.89 GB

Video adapter
256 colors
Screen Resolution
1024 X 768 minimum


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