How to Check Which Child Directory is consuming More Space in Unix/Linux?



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In many cases as a DBA or Unix admin you have to find out which directory is consuming more space. Probably in some directories consuming more space because of huge log files or some trace files.
You can identify the directory with du command. du (disk usage) –s option will give the size of each directories in particular directory. You can drill down to the child directories using the same command itself.

du –sk * size in Kilo bytes
du –sh * size in Giga bytes

$ du -sk *
134716912       app
16      lost+found
8       Medios
6839528 rcps
404     revisar.txt
7607988 RMAN

Size in GB
$ du -sh *
129G    app
16K     lost+found
8.0K    Medios
6.6G    rcps
404K    revisar.txt
7.3G    RMAN


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