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It is always good to have a custom domain for your blogs. This will give better credibility to your blog. I wanted to share my experience on blog traffic after registering the custom domain.
1. Search engine indexing time.
Since the domain is new to the search engine, it will take time to crawl and index all the pages in your blog again. Sometimes it may take weeks time to index the entire blog content.
The crawling/indexing time for new post was few minutes for my blogspot whereas the time increased after moved to custom domain. This will get balanced when the domain becomes older and with the frequent updations to the blog.

2. Traffic Difference
I don't see any major decrease in traffic as the blogspot address will get automatically redirected to the new domain address. I felt a little difference in the traffic (low) which may not be due to this for few days. Currently I am getting the same amount of page views as before.

3. Back Links & Page Rank
Your Google page rank will be reset to 0 and it will get updated in the next PR updation. Back links (internal & external) are one important factor for the Google PR.  So you have to change / update your internal back links with your new domain name. It will be time consuming jobJ. You cannot do anything with the external back links as you don’t have direct control on that.

4. Duplicate search results
After creating the new domain you may experience with duplicate search results at least for few pages - one is from blogspot and another one with new domain address. This count will reduce day by day and your blogspot address will get dissolved.  


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