Benefits of Registering Own Custom Domains for Your Blog on Blogger or WordPress



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  • The blog without a domain will show as the subdomain of their (blogger/wordpress) domains. Some of the benefited services will be limited for the subdomains. The subdomain address will block your website from displaying some featured ads.  Example:

  • The domain name will give you a brand value for your blog site.  

  • You will get your own domain email address.

  • This will not affect your current traffic to your website.

  • If you have already one domain you can attach your blog as the sobdomain for the domain. Example:

  • Choose a unique and most suitable domain name for your blog which is not similar to recognized brand or trademark. Also it is better to have small and easy to remember domains.

  • Eventhough it is blog, the custom domain gives the trust on people and which will give the confidence to follow your blog.

I am going to move to a Custom domain soon J to avail the benefits. I am waiting for a good domain name.


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