Oracle 11g Automatic Diagnostic Repository – ADR – Features and advantages



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Automatic Diagnostic Repository is introduced in Oracle 11g as new feature. As the name represents it is common repository directory system for keeping trace, dump files etc. When critical errors are detected, Oracle automatically creates an incident and the related information automatically captured under this ADR directory.
This information is notified to the DBA and certain health checks are run automatically. Suppose if you are going for Oracle support for these kind of critical errors, Oracle ask you for the ADR content. You need to package it and send it to Oracle for further investigation.

ADR is an advanced fault diagnosing infrastructure for collecting and managing the diagnostic data. For each instance of each product stores diagnostic data underneath its own ADR home directory. ADR has diagnosis data not only for the database instance. It has troubleshooting data for other Oracle components such as ASM and CRS. Repository stored outside the database, the diagnostic data is available even when the database is down.

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