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Data Pump Overview
Data pump introduced in oracle 10g and it is entirely different from the normal export/import. Similar to export/import using data pump we can migrate the data from one database to another database running on different operating system. DBMS_DATAPUMP package can be used to implement API and you can access the data pump utility programmatically.
Expdp user process initializes the server side process/job and that writes the data into the disk on the server. This server process runs independently of the user process. A database directory with read, write is needed for the data pump operation.
Data pump Advantages
  • Better control on the job running – it provides features like start,  stop, restart
  • Improved performance because of It is server side technology with parallel streams option
  • Using the parallel streams option, data pump can backup large volume of data quickly
  • Data pump is 15-50% faster than the conventional export import.
  • It has the ability to estimate the job times
  • Failed jobs can be restarted
  • Using exclude/include option we can perform fine-grained object selection
  • Backup jobs can be monitored
  • It has the remapping capabilities
  • It supports the export/import operations over the network. The NETWORK_LINK parameter initiate the export using a database link
  • Using “Query” parameter DBA can extract the data from tables like SELECT
  • “Content” parameter gives the flexibility for what to import/export. For example Metadata only, data or both
  • It supports full range of data types
  • It supports cross platform compatibility
  • No need to specify the buffer size like in normal exp/imp
  • It has its own performace tuning features
  • V$session_longops view can be used for the time estimation for the data pump jobs
  • It supports interactive mode that allows the dba to monitor or interact with ongoing jobs
  • Dumps will be in compressed
  • Data can be encrypted
  • XML schemas and XML type is supported by the Data Pump

  • Export cannot be taken to tape
  • Import will work only with Oracle 10g or above
  • Cannot use with Unix pipes
Comparison Between EXP and EXPDP


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