How to Fix Oracle VM - failed to open a session for the virtual machine - After upgrading windows



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Problem Description:

 I was facing an issue with Oracle Virtual Machine after upgrading windows 10 to 11. I had to reimage my system with latest windows 11 OS. After that I installed the Oracle VM of version 6 which is an old version. I tried to load an linux image to the same which was already available with me and it was perfectly working with windows 10 and Oracle VM 6. Post upgrade of windows 11 I tried to install oracle vm 6 and load the linux image it was giving the following error. 

failed to open a session for the virtual machine

Solution description:


1. I downloaded latest Oracle VM software (version7) from below link.

2. Uninstalled the Oracle VM 6 from the system 

3. Reinstalled the Oracle VM 7 

4. Then imported the Linux image to the same

5. Fixed the issue. 


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