Query to Check Installed component in the oracle database?



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Here are the two queries to find out the installed components in the oracle database. 

set pages 1000 lines 120 
col comp_name for a40 
1. select comp_name, version, status , modified from dba_registry; 
2. select parameter from v$option where value = 'TRUE' order by parameter; 


SELECT comp_name, version, status , modified from dba_registry;

---------------------------------------- ------------------------------ -------------------------------------------- -----------------------------
Oracle Database Catalog Views			VALID					     25-MAY-2021 09:27:27
Oracle Database Packages and Types			VALID					     25-MAY-2021 09:27:28
Oracle Real Application Clusters			OPTION OFF				     17-APR-2019 02:03:49
JServer JAVA Virtual Machine			VALID					     25-MAY-2021 09:27:41
Oracle XDK			VALID					     25-MAY-2021 09:27:42
Oracle Database Java Packages			VALID					     25-MAY-2021 09:27:42
OLAP Analytic Workspace			VALID					     25-MAY-2021 09:27:44
Oracle XML Database			VALID					     25-MAY-2021 09:27:31
Oracle Workspace Manager			VALID					     25-MAY-2021 09:27:41
Oracle Text			VALID					     25-MAY-2021 09:27:43
Oracle Multimedia			VALID					     25-MAY-2021 09:27:43
Spatial			VALID					     25-MAY-2021 09:27:47
Oracle OLAP API			VALID					     25-MAY-2021 09:27:47
Oracle Label Security			VALID					     25-MAY-2021 09:27:49
Oracle Database Vault			VALID					     25-MAY-2021 09:27:49

15 rows selected.
SQL>  select parameter from   v$option where   value = 'TRUE' order by   parameter;  

Active Data Guard
Adaptive Execution Plans
Advanced Analytics
Advanced Compression
Advanced Index Compression
Advanced replication
Application Role
Automatic Data Optimization
Backup Encryption
Basic Compression
Bit-mapped indexes
Block Change Tracking
Block Media Recovery
Cache Fusion Lock Accelerator
Centrally Managed User
Change Data Capture
Coalesce Index
Connection multiplexing
Connection pooling
Cross Transportable Backups
Data Mining
Data Redaction
Database queuing
Database resource manager
Deferred Segment Creation
Duplexed backups
Enterprise User Security
Exadata Discovery
Export transportable tablespaces
Fast-Start Fault Recovery
File Mapping
Fine-grained Auditing
Fine-grained access control
Flashback Data Archive
Flashback Database
Flashback Table
Global Data Services
Heat Map
In-Memory Aggregation
In-Memory Column Store
Incremental backup and recovery
Instead-of triggers
Join index
Managed Standby
Materialized view rewrite
OLAP Window Functions
Online Index Build
Online Redefinition
Oracle Data Guard
Parallel backup and recovery
Parallel execution
Parallel load
Plan Stability
Point-in-time tablespace recovery
Privilege Analysis
Proxy authentication/authorization
Real Application Security
Real Application Testing
Result Cache
SQL Plan Management
Sample Scan
SecureFiles Encryption
Server Flash Cache
Snapshot time recovery
Streams Capture
Table Clustering
Transparent Application Failover
Transparent Data Encryption
Transparent Sensitive Data Protection
Trial Recovery
Unused Block Compression
Zone Maps

79 rows selected.


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