iPhone - How to Call Non-emergency Number from Locked iPhone Without Knowing Password?



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I hope this would be an interesting feature to know. Suppose you lost your iPhone and somebody might have found it or in some emergency your friends or colleagues wanted to contact your family member,
you can use this feature. In most of the case your phone would be in locked with passcode and there is no option to call any other number than the emergency with dial pad. In case the guy who got the phone kind enough to return your phone; he can not make any call. If you enable this feature at least he might go there, and he can use the number specified as favorite. This would be an emergency feature which can be used to call your nearest one.

Steps to configure this feature. 
Step 1
Tap on the phone app which is marked in below image (left bottom corner)

Step 2
Tap on the favorite(left bottom) and then tap on + button in the top left corner. Then add the contacts whichever you want as emergency contacts.  

Step 3
You have to go to search screen by swiping right from the home screen. Then tap on EDIT the widgets

 Step 4
Add the favorite widget by tapping the + sign and then tap on Done. Now you are done with it. 
Step 6
These favorite numbers can be called even if the phone is locked mode by swiping right from the locked screen.  

Thanks!! Hope this helped you as iPhone user. 


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