How to Backup and Recovery Using Backup as Oracle RMAN Image Copy



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RMAN image copy backup will take more space than the normal RMAN backup as it takes the entire datafile file as backups. But some situations we can use this method to backup and restore the database. Here is the method and RMAN command syntax for the same.
1.   Backup the database
rman / as sysdba 
Backup copy of database;
2.   Restoration Steps
RMAN> restore controlfile from '/export/nonprd/BACKUP/PRODDB/cntl_PRODDB_20160306
output file name=+DATA/PRODDBX3S/CONTROLFILE/current.1147.905804585
output file name=+RECO/PRODDBX3S/CONTROLFILE/current.14063.905804587
rename the files in mount state as per the physical to the as in the control file.
list copy of database;
recover database 
alter database open resetlogs;
Push the files to To asm 
run {
backup as copy database format '+DATA' ;
switch datafile all ;
 switch database to copy;
 delete copy of database;


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