Fill Maadi Win Aagi: Win Prizes from IOC Fuel Outlets



The Eucharistic Miracles of the World
Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) introduced a new promotion campaign called "FILL MAADI WIN AAGI". If you are filling you fuel tank with Rs.500/- then you are eligible to participate in the campaign. There are lots of prizes waiting for you including 4 Tata Nano cars, Hero bikes, daily gifts etc.
What you have to do?
You have to get the electronically printed bills from the fuel outlet and send an SMS mentioned in the format mentioned in the fuel station.
The Format is
IOC 280
To the following number
80825 66776
The campaign is till 31st of December 2013. You have to keep the Original bills to claim the prize.
Participate and win the gifts.

Enjoy Maadi.


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