NoMachine Tool: Better Remote Desktop Connectivity across Different OS platforms


NoMachine is similar to any desktop sharing tool like VNC, etc. But only thing it has lot of advanced features.
·        NoMachine gives better speed compared others.
·        NoMachine gives connectivity to any desktop across different OS platforms where you have NoMachine installed.
·        NoMachine can work with any type of content like DVD, video, YouTube, watch TV etc with good speed
·        You can share your desktop with anyone and collaborate your efforts with your work partner with proper secure manner.

·        You can share local drives, devices across machines as snap. You can print document from your local computer to a remote machine or vice versa. It is applicable for the devices like USB storages, scanners etc.
·        You can record your activities across multiple desktops as video which would be helpful for a combined presentation.
·        You can play games remotely using NoMachine.
NoMachine is free for 2 concurrent connections. But of course is chargeable for enterprises with more connections. Downloads and more here.



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