How to Add or Insert Current Log Time and Date to a Notepad File Or Whenever You Open the file by Default



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Suppose if you have habit of logging all tasks to be performed or already performed with time and date, then you can use windows notepad easily for this purpose. This trick works with all major versions of the Windows.
There are two options
  1. Insert time stamp whenever and wherever you needed.
Open the notepad file and move the cursor to the location where you need the timestamp and just press Function Key 5(F5).
This will print the current time stamp to the file in below mentioned format.
3:16 PM 9/5/2013
  1. By default whenever you open the file.
Open a notepad file either new or existing one and add .LOG as the first line for the file. Then save the file. The subsequent file open will print the timestamp with date by default at the end of the file.

The format would be 3:16 PM 9/5/2013


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