CAN FLASH to 111 Method to Disable / Stop / Turn off / Deactivate unwanted Vodafone Flash Messages



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If you are using Vodafone, you might experience with the unwanted / money spoiling flash messages in your mobile. The message comes with accept and canceloptions. Most of the time the ACCEPT button comes with the side where you have chance to click. By mistake if you click the accept button you will lose the money.
The service provider (Vodafone) enables the same even without informing the customer. One fine day you will start getting the message. To stop these unwanted flash messages you can choose any of these following methods.

Method 1
          Send a message with content CAN FLASH to 111 number. Immediately you will get a reply message saying “Hello, Vodafone Flash Service has been deactivated on your handset. Thank You.”  as a confirmation.

Method 2
          Send a message with content START DND to 111 number. This also will give you a confirmation.

Method 3
          Disable from the hand set itself by opening the Vodafone SIM service.
1.   Open up the Flash option from Vodafone service menu list menu.
2.   Select the activation option first and thenDeactivate it.
If you are using iPhone, you can follow the below mentioned steps.
1.   Goto Settings -> Phone -> SIM Applications (in the bottom) -> Flash -> Activation. Then deactivate it immediately.


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