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CPC-Cost per Click: It is a common for all the publishers why my CPC is too low, why it is dropped suddenly, how I can improve my CPC, etc. etc. CPC is the main factor for the Adsense revenue. Adsense Revenue is directly proportional to the CPC value because your revenue is calculated by CLICKS x CPC. Certain factors are important in the case of the CPC. There can be fluctuations in the Adsense CPC values every day. It will not be constant for all the days. If you look the average value for the CPC over a period of month’s time, it will be constant. Day by day fluctuations in your Adsense CPC can be because of the impact any these below mentioned points. You can improve the CPC factor value up to certain limit for your current website if you give attention to the following factors.
Targeted Audience/ Geographic Locations /Country Specific
Generally the ad clicks from the locations like US and Europe gives higher CPC comparatively the ads from the Asian countries like India/Pakistan. If your website’s target audience is from all over the world (especially from US and Europe) and not to specific to any country, you will be having a better CPC. If you can make sure the content is relevant for the audience from all over the world that is your first step to your winning path.
High Paying Keywords & Higher paying Ad bids
Ad rates differ for product to product. The ad rates will be more for the costlier products like cars, gadgets, computers etc. As you are aware Adsense ads are content specific and the ads displaying on your site depends on the content of you site/blog. Suppose if your blog/site represents about travelling or day to day news the ads bid rate also will be lower compare to the previous category. Of course it is one of the important points for CPC calculation. Anyway, we don’t have much control on this as we are targeting on our own niche subject and writing on that. Everyone cannot target on the high paying keywords.  J
Time / Seasonal
Adsense works on advertiser’s preference or requirement. An advertiser can specify their target location/country and time frame for their ads. So majority prefer their ads during the day timings and during the working days. If you site is lucky enough to get the bids for good seasonal ads your Adsense CPC shoot up.
Ad Placement
Ad placement is the important factor for getting more clicks as well as for the better CPC too. Generally the ads below / above the fold gives more CPC and the chances of getting more clicks also high. Make sure to integrate the ads into this area without getting in the visitors way. Try to find out the HOT SPOTS in your site and place your ad slots over there.
Ad Unit Sizes
Ad unit size plays important role in the CPC. From my experience I would say bigger ad units give more revenue with higher CPC. Try to place 336x280, 300x250, 250x250, 728x90 in your ad slots. If you have more number of visits to your blog/web site, try to avoid more number of ad slots. Less number of ads in a page gives more CPC value for the available ad slots.
Uniqueness / Quality of the page content
Try to maintain the uniqueness for your web/blog content which automatically brings quality. Never try to copy the content to your website. Uniqueness gives the better SERP(Search Engine Result Ranking) and it brings your pages to the first page of search results. Quality and uniqueness is an important factor for the Google Page Ranking.
Google Page Rank
In many websites refers that Google page rank and CPC is not at all related. But in my experience I would say “Yes. Both are related”. Page rank is directly related to the web site content quality and number of back links to your page. If your page rank increases means, your content quality is also increased and this makes a significant change in your site CPC. No other rankings (like Alexa) are not at all important for your site CPC.
Text & Image Ads
Make sure you always allow the ad slots to display text and image ads. The Adsense algorithm always prefers the high paying ads to the web sites and it ensures the high paying ads (either text or image) displayed on the web page. Obviously, high paying ads means it increases the CPC of your web site.
Domain Name Age
Your domain age is another factor for CPC. If you look back your history, you can see that change. At least in my experience, when registered domain for my blog the CPC was very low and after few months one fine day the CPC rates increased drastically for same page contents. That means after some period of time Google algorithm give more respect to your contents and ad serving algorithm serve you with higher paying ads.  It slowly develops the authority and credibility of the web content.


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