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I have received my OCP certificate recentlyJ. I have successfully completed my OCP certification examinations in 2009. But I was not able to attend the Hand-on course during same year. Recently I had a chance to complete the hands-on course and I applied for OCP certificates.
I had little confusions to get the procedure to get the certificates. Because I have completed my certification examinations from the prometric center 3 years back and now-a-days the oracle certifications are handled by

As you aware, the OCA certificates will come to your registered address without requesting for the same. But for the OCP certificates you have to apply through website after successfully completing your OCP examinations and Hands-on course. Here is the procedure to get the success kit.

Step1: create an account in with proper communication address details.
Step2: Click on submit course form button from the right hand side  menu portal
          Login to the site and Click on new submission link
          Choose relevant program (Oracle Database 11g Administrator) from the list
In next screen enter your hands-on course details and submit the form

Step3: You will get an automated acknowledgement mail immediately after submission course form and in case the certification team has any questions (like scanned copy of the hands on course completion certificate) they will reach out you through emails to the id mentioned in the profile.

In case if you have more than one Testing ids (case like one from prometric center and one is from pearsonvue portal) you have to contact the support to merge those testing ids. The support contact number details you can get it from . You have to provide following details to them for the id merge.

Full Name:
First Testing ID :
Second Testing ID :
Other Testing ID:
Which Testing ID should survive the merge?:
Email Address:
Complete Mailing Address:
Telephone Number:

Step:4 Once the verification and the ID merge is over you will get the mail. Once you receive this mail you can download the logo from Sign In To CertView site. You will a mail from which will contain the link to download the soft copy of your OCP certificate. The success kit will receive within 6-8 weeks of time.


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