How to Configure Tablespace / Monitoring Alert Emails in Oracle 11g OEM Rules



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You can configure the monitoring alerts using Oracle EM.
Here I am going demonstrate OEM configuration for tablespace monitoring alert. 
Please see the steps. 
  1. Login to OEM console with username (sysman) and password

  1. Click on preference tab

Step 3
Click on GENERAL tab in the left hand side menu and provide the valid mail id.

Step 4
Click on Rules  tab left hand side and click on create button

Step 5
  1. Provide a name for the rule
  2. Provide a short description for the rule
  3. Select the target type
  4. Specify you wanted to apply the rule to all the cluster database or specific to some database.
  5. Speficy the databases which you wanted to add by clicking the add button
Step 6
  1. Click on the matrix which you wanted to add. In this case I added tablespace monitoring matrices to the list. Check out the warning and critical check boxes. Click ‘OK’ button when you finished it.


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