FireFox: Uninstall / Disable / Remove Yahoo Axis Search Bar from Browser



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Installation of the Yahoo Axis search bar on  FireFox browser is easy from the Yahoo Axis is not a normal browser like Google or Bing. This will install a permanent search bar on the browser like an ad-on. The search bar will be in the bottom left corner of the browser. This search bar stretch or pop-up when the cursor move on top it.
Sometime it may feel like a nuisance. Most of the people find difficulty to remove the search bar from the browser. Here is the method to remove the Axis search bar from FireFox browser.
  1. Click on Tools -> ad-ons (Shortcut Key CTRL+Shift+A)
  2. It will open the Ad-on manager in separate window
  3. Click on the plugins button left hand side menu and select Yahoo AXIS ad-on from the list. Click on disable button.


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