Why Adsense Ad Slots are Blank / Empty – Main Reasons



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Here I wanted to explain about the major reasons for the blank Adsense ad slot in your pages.

  1. More number of ad slots in page
As per Adsense policies you are allowed to place 3 image, 3 link and 2 search ads per pages. If you allocate more number of ad slots than allowed slots your page end up with blank ad slots. Moreover it is kind of Adsense policy violation.
You have to be very careful about your ad slot allocation.
  1. Newly created ‘my ads’ HTML Codes
For new ads which you created through Adsense ‘My ads’ page will take few minutes (5-10Mins) to start displaying the ads in the corresponding ad slots. Till that time the Adsense slots will be blank. This is not applicable for the ads through the Adsense widget.
  1. Firewalls & Blocking Software
You have to check whether any kind of ad blocking software is enabled in your system. Also if you are connected in some public networks like office, School, etc. there might be firewall enabled to block unwanted ads.
  1. Try different Internet browser
Sometimes the issue might be because of your browser or its setting. Before troubleshooting such things you can try in different browser which is already available in your system.
  1. Clear Browser Cookies and History
Most of the time, the Adsense ads are relevant to your page content. But in few cases Adsense displays the ads according to your browser cookies and history. So you can try to clear the cookies and history by pressing SHIFT+CTRL+DEL key combination which is common for most of the browsers.
  1. No relevant ads for your Niche topic or current page
In rare cases there might not be relevant ads for your current page or for your niche topic during that particular time. Depending on the country and timings may be only one out of 3 slots can be filled with ads rest of them will be blank. This may vary in different geographical locations and timings.
  1. Adsense disabled!
If all of your ad slots are blank, then check your mail and Adsense account whether it has any problem. Due to some policy violations Google Adsense team might have blocked your account.

  1. Check your blocked ad categories in Google Adsense ‘allow& block ads’ page
This is a rare chance. Anyway try to unblock your blocked ad categories in Adsense ‘allow & block ads’ page and see whether it is displaying the ads in the slot.


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