How to Remove / Hide / Disable Google Plus One +1 Button from Adsense Image Ads



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Google Plus One +1 button started coming in Google Adsense ads since October 2011. This gives additional relevance to the Adsense ads and it is useful to deliver more useful ads to the page users. Moreover the clicks on the +1 buttons are not counted as Adsense clicks and won’t generate any income to you.

Google Plus One button appear on the adsense for content and adsense for Mobile ads. It is applicable only for the ad formats of Image, Gif and Flash. If you feel like it is an unwanted thing for your ads, you can hide or disable by following method.

  1. Login to Adsense using your ID.
  2. Click on Allow & Block ads tab
  3. Go to Blocking Options (Left Hand Side of the page) and Click on Advanced settings
  4. Remove the Tick mark from the Social Ads Preference

Please see the Pictorial representation of the same.


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