Oracle ASM Datafile add / resize failed with ORA-01237 ORA-01110 ORA-17505 ORA-15041: diskgroup "DATA" space exhausted



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Error Description: Datafile addition or resize on ASM diskgroup is failing with following error message.
ORA-01237: cannot extend datafile 9
ORA-01110: data file 9: '+DATA/testdb/datafile/data01__2.dbf'
ORA-17505: ksfdrsz:1 Failed to resize file to size 1664000 blocks
ORA-15041: diskgroup "DATA" space exhausted

Solution Description:
The ASM diskgroup is running out of free space. You have to check the available free space on the ASM disk group. You can use the below mentioned query.

SQL> select group_number gn, name, type, state, total_mb, free_mb,        usable_file_mb
     from v$asm_diskgroup

        GN NAME                           TYPE   STATE         TOTAL_MB    FREE_MB USABLE_FILE_MB
---------- ------------------------------ ------ ----------- ---------- ---------- --------------
         1 DATA                           EXTERN CONNECTED        39978         61             61
In above example in DATA diskgroup only having 61mb free space available. If you are trying to add datafile more than 61 MB you get the following error.  Otherwise add more space to ASM disk group and try.


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