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General Facts on Adsense CTR
  • Adsense CTR is closely related the traffic on your website. The more traffic you achieve on your website the CTR gradually increases.
  • Eventhogh the revenue is related to the CTR, it more related on where the traffic or click is coming from. I.e. The clicks from certain countries like US, UK, Australia, etc pays more for each click.
  • Adsense CTR is related on the types of ads appear in your website. Depends on the traffic and rank of your website the type of ads will differ as a result CTR and revenue increase accordingly.
  • If you closely monitor your adsense CTR performance, you can see that the CTR is not constant for each and every click. But the average value of the CTR for certain period (average value for weeks or months) will be almost same. This average performance can be tweaked and you can improve the CTR performance by some tips and tricks mentioned below.

Specific Tips to Improve Adsense CTR
  • Prepare the text riched content with good amount of high paying keywords
  • Place ads at most suitable place in your website. By trial and error method you can find out the most performing slots in your web or blog. In my experience the ads below the post title gives more revenue and CTR.
  • Use the link ads in your blog. Link ads on navigation bar gives better results as it acts like menu bar. It gives the impression to visitor like a menubar.
  • Blend your ads with the blog or ads. Use matching color schemes to blend your ads.
  • Always wide ads (336x280, 300x250, and 250x250) perform better. Also try to mix text and image ads with ads.
  • The more traffic you get on your blog decrease the number of ad units.
  • Try experiment different options on ad placement on your website and see the change in revenue and CTR. The performance of different ad units will defer from site to site. So, better try to find out the optimum performing ads and slots by trial and error methods. This is the guideline which I can give as a conclusion.


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