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Getting adsense approval will take atleast 12-48 hours from adsense team after you send a request. But some certain things you have to take care before sending a request for your fresh blog to the adsense team. In earlier days getting the Adsense approval was quite easy. That’s what I heard from my friends. But nowadays it is not easy to get approval from the Adsense team.
I started blogging exactly 2 months (60 Days) back and I am inspired from one of my friend-Anas( who started blogging in 2007. He used to earn his pocket money from Google Adsense
J. I have started with Oracle technology blog. I used to write technical topics on my blog and I could manage to get an average of 30-50 visitors per day within these 2 months. I write generic topics as well in my blog. Within these 2 months I tried 3-4 times to get approval from Adsense; all got rejected. At the time of each and every rejection, I used to try improving my blog outlook and content quantity. Finally, yesterday (4th July 2011) exactly after 60 days my blog got approved from Adsense.

I used to read the other bloggers tips and tricks for getting the Adsense. I used to spend quite lot time to improve my blog. Still it is not perfectL. Somewhere I saw it will take 6 months to get approval. Now I feel like it is wrong. There is no specific time frame for getting the approval or I would say it is just 2months needed for the sameJ. While reading others tips, I saw one more link which says it is tough to get Adsense approval for Indian bloggers. I would say that is also wrong perception. I am from India and there is no country wise discretion for Adsense team. You just work on your blog improvement.

You don’t need to have Domain ID to get approval. In some web links I saw like the requester needs to have a domain id and request needs to go from the domain mail id. I would say that is also a wrong insight.

Please see the tips which I followed to get Adsense approval.

  1. Start blogging with blogger
First you need to find out your interested topic to start blogging. It can be your personal expertise on some technology, creations, photography, movie etc. Start writing as much as possible about your topic in different post. Do not try to copy the same content from other sites.
  1. Initially Do Concentrate on Content quality
In the initial days, try to improve the content quality of your blog. Gather as much as data about your topics and write variety of posts in your own language.  
  1. Add “See Also” links to the blog
Once you started getting visitors to your blog, add the related links to each of your post. It can be easily possible by adding some widgets like . This will increase your page views.
  1. Apply simple color schemes for your blog
Once you start getting visitors to your blog, divert half of your blogging time for the betterment of your blog outlook. Change your default blogging template to some customized template which can be downloaded from websites like or etc. Also visit some professional blogger sites and adopt the good features which can be applicable for your blog. See Apply New template to change your blog XML template.
  1. Make it Navigable through Links
When you submit your blog for Adsense approval, the blog should be navigable through proper links. That means whichever links mentioned in your blog must be navigated to some valid pages. For example if you have HOME link or menu in your blog, when you click on the home link it must be directed to your home page. Check all links mentioned in your blog whether it is valid and navigating to the respective items. If you fail to make proper navigation into your blog your request will be rejected.
  1. Add sitemap to your blog
Sitemap is an index for your blog. Create proper links to all of your pages and create a menu item as sitemap. It might not be up to date during the Adsense approval submission
  1. Disclaimer and Privacy policy
Add a disclaimer and privacy policy to your blog with proper links before you submit for Adsense approval.
  1. Register your blog with webmaster tools like Google Analytics
I feel like it is a mandatory step to get register your blog with webmaster tools especially in Google Analytics. Because, Google Adsense team analyze your blog statistics with this tool. This tool gives them the statistics of visitors, page views, bounce rate, keyword density and more easily. I think my last Adsense approval request got failed because of not updating the webmaster tools. Do not submit your blog for approval immediately after registering with Google Analytics. Because it needs few days time to come up with average statistics from the day by day statistics. Wait for at least one week after registering your blog with Analytics for the Adsense approval.
  1. Make Sure at least 20-30 visitors and 50-60 pages views a day in your blog
It does not make any sense getting approval without visitors. Google Adsense revenue is directly proportional to your number of visitors/page views to your blog. From my experience, now-a-days Adsense team will not approve for an idle blog or website. Moreover, the Google Analytics webmaster tool generates the statistics from your blog visitors.
  1. Continuous Improvement
Don’t worry or don’t stop your blogging after one or two rejections with Adsense team. Keep work on your blogging with quality content as you aware the “Content is the King”. In my last 2 months I used to work additional 5-6 hours after my office hours for my blog. As you grow in your blog content quality and density, you start getting visitors gradually. Start attract visitors to your blog using your content depth, Adsense approval will come to youJ.

It’s my experience. Try it and let me know the feedback.

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