#Jobs 02 Sep 2020: Microsoft Senior Software Engineer hiring


 Microsoft Senior Software Engineer hiring 

Job Description:

Our CEO Satya said it best "...Accessibility is an amazing example. We live in a golden age where technology can enable more people to participate in our technology and in our society. This is what grounds us in our mission: to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more...". Come join us in that mission. There is a lot of tough work to do: complex software, company-wide influence and direction, innovative interactions. The Core OS Accessibility team is going through a big expansion to meet this challenge. Come join your passion and experience with our team and together we can deliver on Satya's vision. 


The Windows team is growing a Centre of Excellence in Microsoft, Hyderabad with a broad portfolio of applications to help innovate on next version of Windows in this space. There are some brand new challenges to build new assistive technologies on various Windows flavors. 


We are looking for strong C++ and Windows developers with a proven track record of high-quality solutions and products maintaining security and integrity. You will get to build, use and deploy various cutting-edge technologies to fully enable mobility impaired users to enjoy and be productive on Windows. 



Strong design, coding, debugging, teamwork, and communication skills 

5+ years of experience shipping commercial software. 

3+ years of experience coding in C++ 

Experience with cross group design and coordination is an advantage. 

A BS degree in Computer Science or related technical discipline or equivalent industry experience.

If you are interested,  send your resume to sherinannthomas1@gmail.com

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