Answers Amazon Daily Quiz today 19 September 2019


How to Play the Quiz:
Step 1:- Install the amazon app from the play store or apple store
Step 2:- Open the app and tap search bar and type for contest or quiz time

Step 3:- You can see all open quiz from the Amazon; Open the daily quiz from that page. This daily quiz is available only from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM.
Q1:-In Botany, Strawberries Are Part Of The Rose Family.
Q2:-Who Is The First-Ever Cricket Captain To Win 100 Matches In IPL History?
Ans:-MS Dhoni
Q3:-India’s Longest Rail-Road Bridge ‘Bogibeel Bridge’ Was Inaugurated Last Year. Its Built Over Which Of The Following Rivers?
Q4:-In Which European City Would You Find The Famous Blue Domed Church?
Ans:-Santorini, Greece
Q5:-Who Among These Is The Chief Legal Advisor To The Government Of India, And Is The Primary Lawyer For GOI In The Supreme Court.
Ans:-Attorney General



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